Hello pet and welcome to My palace of pain (and pleasure).

You may address Me as Priestess Poison. I do not accept any other title nor do I accept pronouns other than My designated ones (they/them).

You’ll be taxed if you fail to follow these basic instructions. I have been a content creator since 2015 and a professional dominatrix since 2021.

I have attended many kink, sex, and anime conventions (really what’s the difference between the last two?) that have allowed Me to gain in-depth experience with a wide variety of kinks. I always tell submissives that I won’t do anything to them that hasn’t been done to Me first, but I’ve been set on fire before so we have plenty of options to choose from.

As a dominatrix I personally feel that is important to know what the things I am doing to My submissives feel like – this allows Me to appropriately administer play, punishment, and aftercare appropriately. I joke that as an autistic person I am the perfect person to approach for a custom or a session – I have no “normal meter” per se so nothing you say will phase Me.

I’m incredibly kink friendly and will never shame you – at worst I will not respond. While I participate in a wide variety of kinks I specialize in medical play and circumcision humiliation and have findom, CBT, sadism, orgasm control, feminization, SPH (and other forms of humiliation), CEI, body worship, and homewrecking as favorite kinks deserving an honorable mention. I have a wide variety of hobbies – I am a performing artist with pole dance and burlesque being My most popular requests, I sew, and buy and sell oddities. This means that I have a colony of flesh eating beetles to eat the dead things that I forage to turn into jewelry as well as constantly carry a blacklight in My purse (for when I happen upon a random thrift or vintage store and feel the urge to hunt for uranium glass). It also means I constantly have a supply of formalin in My house so I suggest staying on My good side. I like ecclectic music, particularly live, and have seen many artists up close and in person. I will always be in the mosh pit. While I’m not a foodie, I know what I like and I certainly have a penchant for steak and sweets. I’m a huge nerd – cybersecurity is My day job, I love watching anime, cosplaying, and playing board/video games. I will 1v1 you in YuGiOh and that is a threat.

My ideal submissive is well-mannered, obedient, prompt with payment, clean, and communicative. They wish to serve Me and only Me and are willing to devote themselves to the cause; if you serve Me there won’t be room nor funds for another. They’re a masochist – emotionally and physically – and are willing to submit themselves as a plaything at My whim. They have deep pockets and do not say no to My wishes. They are able to fully express themselves and utilize safewords as necessary. They are their own person – they simply wish to be shaped by Me. They are looking for someone to serve so that they may grow and it is of utmost importance to Me that My submissives grow as people while under My care. While I love and appreciate submissives that are looking for one-off sessions, submissives looking to serve Me long-term are My ideal. If this sounds like you, I highly encourage you to contact Me on My submission form.

Are you ready to serve your Priestess?