After spending 9 years in the kink community with the last 5 of those years being spent as a professional dominatrix, I have developed the following guidelines to ensure a fun, and safe playtime. Don’t hesitate to reach out using the contact form on this site if you have further questions, I don’t bite without consent.

Safewords and Consent
Before play begins, we will discuss your proclivities as well as any soft or hard limits. Use the form on this site for any correspondence unless otherwise specified. With the proliferation of the kink community, I have found the most universal safewording system to be the traffic light system. When asked for a color, you will state your current comfort levels using the following reference guide: green – I’m doing great!; yellow – I’m getting close to tapping out.; red – STOP!. If you wish to divulge how you are feeling, you may also say a color at any point during our playtime. Easy right? Other signals will be discussed as necessary. I do not indulge in race play, age play, or illicit substances. I reserve the right to terminate the session at any time if I feel the play is becoming unsafe or if you are unable to play respectfully.

You will be required to provide identification that shows your age and legal name. Your ID may be stored for the background check. Identification retained in such a fashion is handled following GDPR regulations. IDs are not stored for any other reason without your explicit, written consent. All parcels will feature plain packaging and will be from “VPP”. I will use your chosen name for all packages shipped within the continental US. All others will require your legal first and last name.

All clients are required to shower prior to any in-person playtime. I reserve the right to cancel your session if you are noticeably dirty. You will be required to use a COVID destroying mouthwash as well as freshen up using My facilities before play begins. You will be required to display your vaccination card before a session. NOTE: Exceptions are made for medical but NOT religious reasons.

Fantasy Only Fetishes
When discussing certain fetishes, you acknowledge that they are entirely fantasy/role-play scenarios. These fetishes include, but are not limited to: medical play and blackmail. There may be additional documentation required for these sessions.


Deposit Policy
For IRL sessions I require the first hour upfront as a deposit. This is to take care of any accommodations such as the hotel or toys. The rest of the session fee will be due at the beginning of the session. For online sessions and customs, full payment is due upfront. Deposits are non-refundable. When paying through an online method leave the note and any other memo blank.

Cancellation Policy
Life happens; I understand that and would rather not catch a cold or flu if it’s avoidable. If you notify Me within 48 hours of our IRL session you will be allowed to use your deposit for another booking within the next 60 days. If notify Me 24 hours or fewer before our IRL session your deposit will be forfeit. If you are 30 minutes late to a session, both your deposit and session will be forfeit and you will be blocked from further bookings until the remainder of the session fee is paid. For online services there will be no refunds given after work has begun. Dissatisfaction with the final product is not a reason for a refund. Your sudden inability to be available during the allotted session time is not a reason for a refund. If an unreasonable request for a refund is made you will be blocked from further purchasing until you pay the unblock fee of $222 per platform you have been blocked on. When paying through online mehtods leave the note blank.

Fly Me to You
FMTY is only available in certain states and countries. Reach out to Me to make sure that I am available in your area. I recommend a session no fewer than 6 hours if you choose this option. The initial fee you send will include the funds for roundtrip first class airfare, hotel, as well as other expected expenses during My stay (food, rideshares, etc). If you are requesting My appearance at a convention, the cost of a VIP ticket should be included as well. I require a minimum of 8 hours sleep and 2-4 hours “Me time” per day. There is some flexibility on the latter depending on the details of the trip, like time-sensitive events or dates.

I’ve been active in the BDSM community for nearly a decade. As such, I value the mental and physical wellbeing of My submissives and reserve the last 15 minutes of each session for aftercare. This time may be extended for longer or more mentally or physically taxing sessions. Aftercare can include snacks, positive affirmations, hugging, and discussion about what went well and what didn’t for each session. If you have special requests, please notate them ahead of time.

Tithing and Taxes
I require an initial tithe of $66 so that you may prove your devotion to Me. I will not respond to any inquiiry without the initial tithe attached. I have a variety of taxes that are standard to preserve My sanity; these include a misgender fee of $33 and an unblock fee of $111 per platform. When paying via online means, leave the note and any memo blank.

What is your gender identity, pronouns, sexual orientation and sex? Are there any clients you don’t see?
I am agender, a subcategory of non-binary. I use they/them pronouns, am pansexual, and AFAB. Any and all theyfab nonsense will be met with a misgender fee. I do not reject clients based on their gender identiy, sex, or sexual orientation. Neopronouns are a-okay in My book as well. I do not work with pregnant people for their safety as well as My mental health – I am severely tokophobic.

I paid a tribute, why do I have to pay again?
Your tribute is not payment for a session. Your tribute demonstrates to Me that you are serious and worthy of My time. It pays for your background check as well as My time getting to know you. Pets who wish to have a long term relationship and tribute regularly are moved to My private Discord for faster communication.

Why am I being carded?
Particularly for IRL sessions I require a picture of your ID and a separate picture of your ID held up to your face. This allows Me to do a basic background check. Though not required to, I comply with GDPR and retain your information for 1 year after a session. Then it is destroyed. Requiring your ID keeps both you and Myself safe. If a dominatrix does not screen, run, don’t walk,the other way.

When can I book a session? When will my custom video or pictures be delivered?
Due to My busy schedule IRL sessions are usually hosted on the weekends and are booked at least one week in advance. IRL sessions can also occur during the week, but these require extra notice and have an extra fee. Virtual sessions do not require advanced booking but it is highly encouraged if you want to ensure I am available during your requested time. If you have ordered a custom video or pictureset from Me it will be delivered within 2 weeks unless otherwise specified.

Where do you usually host sessions?
I am located in Philadelphia, PA and take bookings in SEPA (Lancaster, York, Philadelphia), Central PA (Harrisburg, Lock Haven, Williamsport), and Baltimore and the surrounding areas. I exclusively do outcalls in a hotel room that I have booked Myself.

What is your title?
You may refer to Me as Priestess. Use of any other titles is indicative of extreme disrespect and repeated use of other titles will be subject to a misgender fee.

Do you accept gifts and gift cards?
Yes! I have a PO Box at [address] where you may mail Me physical items. I also accept gift cards to Amazon, Sephora, Starbucks, Doordash, Wayfair, Killstar, Etsy, and Gundam Planet. I also have registeries on Amazon, Etsy, and Wishtender. NOTE: These are not substitute for tithing nor session payment.